A little about our story…

Image of Bob and Karey
Bob & Karey

Karey and Bob moved to the Algarve in January 2019. We quickly found our feet with the help of some really good friends and settled in Fuseta, a stunning little fishing village in the eastern Algarve. Fuseta sits upon the Ria Formosa where Portuguese as opposed to English or French is very much the preferred language…. That said our Portuguese is still in a pretty sorry state with just the basics spluttering forth, plenty of charades and google translate.

We arrived here with two “old” Westies, Hector and Hamish, 14 & 12. Alas both passed on after a year and two years. Hector was replaced by Harvey and one year later Hamish by Hudson, little brother of Harvey. Now with two young “terrorists” we needed a large garden and space, and discovered our forever home in Santa Barbara de Nexe.

So we decided to create a blog, not to feed our own egos but to regale stories and, hopefully, interesting information with a bit of a giggle, about places and people we meet on our travels, as well as some of the more quirky things that we have discovered in this most beautiful country full of truly gentle and kind people.

Harvey & Hudson
Hudson & Harvey